Client: Spacenow
Services: Website, UX/UI, Social Media, Iconography, Illustration, Print, Animation & Visual Identity

Spacenow is redefining the sharing economy by activating underutilised spaces. From offices to film studios, gardens to wallspace, event venues to single desks; becoming a host for your own unique space is only limited by your imagination. As a peer-to-peer online marketplace, Spacenow is active across 52 cities. There is a wide variety of hosts and guests engaging in flexible lease terms for all kinds of property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.







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As a new entrant into the space sharing economy, Spacenow aimed at establishing itself as an innovator and thought leader in a rapidly evolving industry. Blackfox led the brand strategy, design of all digital assets and website build. Finding a balance between ‘fun’ and ‘trust’ was key. The major focus areas were to make the brand approachable and engaging to a wide variety of audiences across multiple regions and to appeal to personas on both side of the transaction. The end result would equate to hosts feeling comfortable to open their space to potential guests through the site, guests being willing to reserve spaces through the Spacenow portal, and both parties trusting that the entire transaction would be facilitated professionally and efficiently.

To assist with the aim of educating the market, Blackfox created a brand theme centred around ‘space exploration’. The digital assets included the ‘Spaceling’ (symbolising various personas), examples of space activation concepts, and the city landscape. The purpose was to bring the space activation concept to life and make it relatable for first time visitors to the site.

The launch strategy for Spacenow is equally aggressive as it is ambitious. Rather than focusing on one category of space and one geographic region; the founders are pursuing their vision of having a worldwide presence as they make their entrance into the market across 35 types of spaces. Due to the extensive list of categories (verticals) there is a large number of personas and user journeys to consider, not to mention numerous layers of system integrations and web engineering to facilitate transactions. The UX and UI for the site therefore needed to be robust enough to act as a catalyst for visitors to imagine how they could engage with Spacenow, as either a guest or a host.

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